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A pinball renaissance is upon us, and Pinball NYC was started to celebrate this. We’ve organized a co-ed team league that is FREE TO JOIN, we host parties and events, and our machine locator will help you find all the public pinball machines in NYC. Put down that joystick, step away from the internet, and come join us as we knock that silver-ball around while tossing back a few drinks!

Latest News

Ringer Rule Revision

September 13, 2014

In order to keep the Ringer Rule’s purpose in tact (prevent a single player from dominating the scoring of a single match), while also preventing abuse of said rule, the…

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Modern Pinball Fall Singles League Starts 9/16

September 13, 2014

Our friends over at Modern Pinball NYC are hosting a Fall league of their own this year. Season starts on Tuesday, September 16th. Here is what they have to say:…

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Ringer Rule Adendum

September 8, 2014

The Ringer Rule may not be invoked during tie-breaker games. Also, to clarify, any Reserve players a team has on hand counts toward their minimum quantities to qualify the ringer…

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Last Minute Schedule Changes

September 7, 2014

Due to some remodeling that is going on at Bar Great Harry this week, I have been forced to make a couple of minor changes to the schedule. The two…

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